Mental Health Support

Mental Health Message for Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni

Studying abroad on scholarship awards can be a transformative journey, fostering personal growth and academic excellence. Yet, navigating the transition to a new country, culture, and educational environment can introduce various mental health hurdles for international scholars. Feelings of homesickness, cultural shock, academic pressure, and social isolation often accompany the excitement of studying far from home. These challenges may amplify existing mental health concerns or give rise to new ones. Recognizing the signs of such struggles is vital, encouraging scholars to seek the support available. Universities typically offer counseling services, peer groups, and other resources dedicated to helping students overcome these obstacles and prioritize their well-being.

Returning to Uganda after an enriching academic experience abroad can also pose mental health obstacles, especially for scholars facing limited job opportunities. The pressure to secure employment and reintegrate into society may evoke feelings of anxiety, frustration, or even despair. However, amidst these challenges, it's imperative for returning scholars to cultivate hope, recognizing their brilliance and capabilities. Building a robust support system, setting achievable goals, and seeking professional guidance if necessary are crucial steps in coping with these transitions. Engaging in self-care practices, such as physical activity, mindfulness, and nurturing social connections, can further bolster mental well-being during this period of adjustment. Trust that with perseverance and resilience, things ultimately fall into place.

Resources for mental health support:

Safe Places Uganda

Hotline: +256-782-740522


Address: Kyambogo Lower Estates, Plot 12 Lancaster Avenue

Address: Bujuko

Shubaya Kasule Naggayi

Neuropsychologist and Mental Health Advocate

MSc Psychology, University of the West of Scotland

Commonwealth Scholarship Alumna

Tel: +256 787 661514



Written by:

Shubaya Kasule Naggayi, MSc

Commonwealth Scholarship Alumna 2016-2017