What We Do

Our alumni body is primarily involved in functioning as a support system for Commonwealth scholars and alumni, promoting community engagement and outreach programs, building rapport with like-minded think tanks, institutions, professional bodies, and distinguished leaders for impact, collaborating with a broad spectrum of development partners and governmental entities, strengthening higher education ecosystems, and being brand ambassadors of the CSC Commonwealth scholarships and programs. Our overarching goal is to showcase how scholarship empowerment can drive socio-economic development.

Our approach is based on Connecting, Innovating, Transforming, and Empowering, which allows us to achieve some of our biggest common goals: protecting natural resources, boosting trade, tackling climate change, promoting good governance, enhancing education standards, promoting social mobility and social justice, community empowerment and building strategic alliances. Using industry-institute interactions, career mentorship programs, entrepreneurship networking, research collaborations, community outreach, and financial support mechanisms, our alumni association contributes directly to the holistic development and sustainability of higher education ecosystems and national development.

An illustration of how our alumni body works as a support system is described here: as a support system, alumni from various professional backgrounds share skills and experiences among themselves, institutions, and students aspiring to apply for Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships. Our alumni go further to conduct knowledge-sharing sessions, welcome home events for scholars, host debates and seminars, and also practically support returnee scholars in securing work placements and launching their careers, for those in need of such real-life benefits.

We have an open-door policy and always look forward to innovative ways of working together with a variety of like-minded institutions, organizations, leaders, and individuals. If you are interested in learning more about us or working with our alumni body, feel free to contact us (exec@csfaau.org) and we will be glad to discuss the different ways we can work together.

Visit the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission website to learn more about our Commonwealth alumni network.